Grand Sumo Original

Grand Sumo Original

This product is specially formulated for Flower Horn Fish (Luo Han ).

Features: Highly nutritious diet with tasty special attractant added for immediate acceptance. Your fish will simply love it, faster! High calorie and high protein for healthier, more energetic and bigger sized fish. Calcium, multi-vitamins and nutrients added for shinier scales, brighter natural coloration and bigger nuchal hump. New appetite stimulant and digestive enzymes added for your fish to eat more and grow even faster! Feeding Guide: Feed 2 to 3 times daily with the amount the fish can consume in 5 minutes. Remove unconsumed food within 30 minutes. Ingredients: Fish Meal, Shrimp Meal, Soybean Meal, Multivitamins and Organic Minerals. Guranteed Content Analysis Min Crude Protein 48% Min Crude Fat 4% Max Crude Ash 15% Max. Crude Fiber 4% Max. Sodium Chloride 2% Max. Moisture 6-11%

550grams – 24 pieces per carton
250grams – 48 pieces per carton
100grams – 120 pieces per carton (special order only)


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22 Responses to “Grand Sumo Original”
  • Rohith says:

    does this (grand sumo original) contain pellets which are GREEN in colour?? I’d like to know which color pellets are specifically for good development of nuchal hump in flowerhorns…

  • admin says:

    Hello Rohith,

    Grand Sumo Original is brownish Green in Color and it is for hump and body enhancement.

  • admin says:

    Hello Sajjad,
    Please check the page at on the difference of the original and the imitation Grand Sumo.
    Check if there is a hologram sticker and the address on the bottle should be the same as our address at

  • ramesh says:

    thanks alot grand sumo team. ur grand sumo is tooo good for flower horn fishes all fishes are like alot and major changes in color and grouth……..thanks for ur reply team

  • admin says:

    Hi Thomas,
    Our office was recently relocated to:
    Pristine Distributions (KL) Sdn Bhd
    488D-04-29, Midland Park, 1-stop centre
    Jalan Burma, 10350, Penang, Malaysia
    Grand Sumo fish food from both of the addresses are genuine and original. All the bottles will be printed with our new address as above after this batch. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
    Happy flowerhorning!

  • hari says:

    thank you grand sumo team,my flower horn had to became size,color and big bubble head.

  • santosh bharat says:

    hey yours is truly stupendous.Everyone started to offer their fish grandsumo pellets.And the results are magnificent.Thank you.

  • Surendar Manoharan says:

    I have started feeding Grand Sumo Red for my juvenille flower horn fish which has no color strains and nuchal hump initially. After feeding for a month, my baby is glowing with more red pigmentation and the hump has started developing now.

    I am feeding Grand Sumo Red for my Red Parrots and Jack Dempseys now.

    Thanks to the Grand Sumo team for this amazing product.

  • prasanth says:

    really super result in one week…

  • khan says:

    I have started feeding Grand Sumo Red and grand sumo for my flower horn it is glowing now and my Cichlid for my Green terror thanks grand sumo

  • Amit says:

    extremely effected food for high quality FH……result can be seen with in 2 week

  • Manu mathew says:

    I’ve just started feading grnd sumo red and in just 3 wks i got the result in my kamfa and red dragon…… Thanks grand sumo…

  • Guna says:

    Ya its really fantastic food for flowerhorn. Thank you grandsumo team

  • sounick (RIVU) says:


  • Ramil C. Gavino says:

    Grand Sumo is the best fish food that i been feeding on my flowerhorn and other chiclid fish that i have. Thanks Grand Sumo Team.

  • prajwal l says:

    its very good food its green in colour the hump grows very big ………..thanks grand sumo i want another box of it please

  • Ferdy Phoa says:

    Which one of grandsumo product for humpy head the flower horn fish(Lou Han). Thanks.

  • admin says:

    Hi Ferdy, get Grand Sumo (original) for hump and body growth, for adult flower horn get Grand Sumo Large.

  • dharmesh k patel says:


  • selvin rajan says:

    i m using grand sumo original and red for my flowerhorn and the results are astonishing

  • Rajan Thakur says:

    Thanks to team GS for responding of my quiry very fast and proper guidance. And now my trust level is very high for you. Thank you.

    As per my last time quiry I bought GS red. But there is question is running in my mind. If I stop feeding GS red then my Red flower horn get fade..?, if I heavyly feeding GS red. Will it harm flowerhorn for long term side effect?
    I asking this quiry because I read that on some flower horn sights but I don’t believed. And I think its much better and safe to aks our GS team.

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