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We are currently looking for importers/agents in new markets that are interested to partner us in distributing GrandSumo. GrandSumo is one of the major brand in the flower horn fish world and hobbyists from Indonesia to USA, Hong Kong to Germany has given rave reviews about the quality of our product.

If you are currently a distributor of dried goods/ aquarium accesories and the flower horn fish is just taking off in your state/country, there is a huge opportunity to tap into by carrying the GrandSumo brand.  Just contact us here and we will be in touch with you very soon.

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Our current partners:

USA Importer/Wholesaler :
Main distributor
GrandSumo USA (California)
13771 Norton Ave
Chino, CA 91710
Tel: +1 714-414-6479
Click here for the Resellers in USA
Website: http://www.GrandSumoUSA.com
Email: Sale@grandsumousa.com

110 Cedar Street
Malden, Massachusetts 02148
Tel: 1 (617) 417-6699
Click here for List of Retailers in East Coast of USA, Mexico and Venezuela
Website:  http://www.flowerhornfishfood.com
Email: sales@flowerhornfishfood.com

Hong Kong & China Importer/Wholesaler:
Flower Horn Land
香港总站:香港九龙旺角通菜街188号 1F~2F全层
1F~2F, No 188 Tung Choi Street,
Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2380 2366
E-mail: flowerhornland@netvigator.com
Website: www.hkflowerhornland.net

中国分店: 广洲芳村花地湾越和花鸟鱼冲市场 C91B 及 C108
Tel: +86 20 8140 8423, +86 20 8058 7684
Email: hkflowerhornland@qq.com
Website: www.hkflowerhornland.net
QQ: 869128401
How to Differentiate Between Original and Fake Grand Sumo.
(For Hong Kong & China)

Singapore Importer & Whosaler:
Ocean Enterprise Holidings Private Limited
511 Sembawang road
Seletaris 01-70
Singapore 757711
Tel: 9296 8782

Australia Importer & Whosaler:
The Great Amazon
46 Hallett Boulevard
Allenby Gardens
SA 5009
Contact: Jody 0413445757

Turkey Importer & Whosaler:
Flowerhorn Yem & Saglik Urunleri
Flowerhorn Dunyasi – Burak Ozdemir
Cengelkoy – Uskudar / İstanbul
Mobile : +905552588258
Facebook : www.facebook.com/FlowerhornYemi
Email : burak.ozdemir@outlook.com

Iran & United Arab Emirates Importer & Wholesaler:
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