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Grand Sumo Flower Horn & Cichlid Fish Food.

GrandSumo is a 100% natural growth enhancer made from highly nutritious ingredients that is rich in Omega 3 and 6 HUFA. It is a hi-protein staple food for the daily diets of Flower Horn fish, large cichlids or other big-sized fishes.
GrandSumo Flower Horn fish food is especially formulated for grow-outs of juvenile fishes, maintenance of adult large fishes and also for conditioning of breeding stocks.
Why is GrandSumo Different?
Why Some Types of Proteins Are BAD For Your Flowerhorn?
The Dangers Of Hormones & Artificial Colorant In Fish Food.

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New Hologram Sticker of Grand Sumo Fish Food

We are in the midst of replacing the round hologram stickers to a square one as the picture shown below.  Both the round and the square one in the market are genuine Grand Sumo fish food.




Proteins, proteins, proteins….good and bad!

Contrary to common beliefs, research shows that warm-blooded animal proteins such as beefheart cannot be digested easily and stays very long in the fishes’ stomachs and intestinal tract. This undigested foods will rot and cause parasite and bacterial infections in the fishes internal organs. Undigested proteins will pass out as feces and ammonia, fouling up the water, and poisoning your fish! Belief it or not, fish/marine proteins are the best source of proteins for cichlids because they are naturally and easily digested and it do not create much problems. BTW, in the wild, do cichlids eat anything at all from any warm-blooded animals? Just a thought…

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Foods With Artificial Colorant

Fishes get their colors from pigment cells. Xanthophyll pigments are yellow, Melanin pigments are black and/or brown, Carotenoids are orange and/or red, Phycocyanin is blue. Fishes cannot produce some pigments such as carotenoids and xanthophylls, therefore it must come from their diet.

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Why is Grand Sumo unique compared to other foods?

Natural growth enhancer.
GrandSumo is made from the freshest and highest quality, 100% natural white fish meat from the cold water variety such as salmon, cod, herring and tuna. It is rich in the right proteins (fish proteins 48%) and has a balance of all the essential amino acids for easy and natural synthesis. It is designed for maximum protein absorption for faster and proper growth, thicker bodies and bigger-sized fish. (Bigger nuchal hump for flowerhorns too!)

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How to differenciate the original and the imitation of Grand Sumo fish food?

1. The original Grand Sumo is well shrink-wrapped.

Original Grand Sumo with neat shrink wrapped seal on top of the bottle. Original Grand Sumo with open seal at the bottom of the bottle.

Imitation with open seal on top of the bottle.

Low quality plastic seal can be seen at the bottom of the bottle.

2. The Grand Sumo Red is now with new formula.

3. The label is laminated and the color of the label is brighter.

4. There is a hologram sticker on the shrink-wrapper for each of the original Grand Sumo products.

5. There should be only ONE web address on the bottle which shows:

Please visit us at : www.grandsumo.com

The imitation of Grand Sumo Red from China printed with web address of www.yamei.cnfish.com.

6. Barcode for all the sizes are different.

Grand Sumo RED

Grand Sumo RED

Special hi-Astaxanthin and Spirulina-rich floating pellets for enhancing colors of Flower Horn Fish and other large cichlids.

This natural blend of fresh seafood mix provides an excellent source of pure marine proteins, creating an exciting flavor that your fish cannot resist.

Hi-density floating pellets fortified with protein-rich Spirulina maxima algae, concentrations of carotenoids and other natural color enhancers to provide dazzling colors on your fish!

Enchances fish metabolism and protein use, thus increasing body bulk and head-size of your flower horn cichlid.

Significantly improve appetite and vitality in fish while boosting their immune system and aiding in disease resistance.

Feeding Guide:

Feed 2 to 3 times daily with the amount the fish can consume in 5 minutes. Remove unconsumed food within 30 minutes.


White Fish Meal, Krill and Shrimp Meal, Seaweed Meal, Spirulina, Omega 3 & 6 HUFA, Fish Liver Oil, Brewer’s Dried YEast, Rich Amino Acids (PHE, His, Iso, Leu, Arg, Trp, Met, Lys), Vitamin A,D,E, Riboflavin, Niacin,B6,B12,Biotin,Stabilized Vitamin C and Minerals (Ca,Cl,K,Na,P.Mg,ZN,MN,Cu,Se), Beta-Carotene, Astaxanthin, Cantazanthin, Phycocynin, Xanthophyl.

Guaranteed Content Analysis

Min Crude Protein 45%

Max Ash 12.8%

Max Moisture 6%

Max Crude Fiber 3.5%

Max Crude Fat 3%

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Grand Sumo Original

Grand Sumo Original

This product is specially formulated for Flower Horn Fish (Luo Han ).

Features: Highly nutritious diet with tasty special attractant added for immediate acceptance. Your fish will simply love it, faster! High calorie and high protein for healthier, more energetic and bigger sized fish. Calcium, multi-vitamins and nutrients added for shinier scales, brighter natural coloration and bigger nuchal hump. New appetite stimulant and digestive enzymes added for your fish to eat more and grow even faster! Feeding Guide: Feed 2 to 3 times daily with the amount the fish can consume in 5 minutes. Remove unconsumed food within 30 minutes. Ingredients: Fish Meal, Shrimp Meal, Soybean Meal, Multivitamins and Organic Minerals. Guranteed Content Analysis Min Crude Protein 48% Min Crude Fat 4% Max Crude Ash 15% Max. Crude Fiber 4% Max. Sodium Chloride 2% Max. Moisture 6-11%

550grams – 24 pieces per carton
250grams – 48 pieces per carton
100grams – 120 pieces per carton (special order only)

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